Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Win's A WIn No Matter How Small

Ok, it's just one win.  I doesn't mean that much.  But, it really did mean that much to win today, for some reason.  It was a huge monkey off our back.  I feel a lot better than I felt yesterday, when I was so angry that I couldn't even blog after the game.  I didn't want to just spew, I mean it was only the second game of the year.  So, hey I'll take Zach Miner's 5 2/3 innings, I'll take Brandon Inge's third homer in three games.  I'll take a solid debut by Ryan Perry.  I'll take a 1-2-3 9th by Fernando Rodney.   Winning--it's like better than losing!

Now, people on sports radio today were going a little gonzo, saying Leyland won't make it anywhere near Mother's Day this season before he's fired.  Brandon Lyon is done, buried in the bullpen, not to see the light of day anytime soon.   Now, I was as disappointed as anyone last night--Lyon was just awful.  But it was his first outing of the season.  I mean baseball fans know that there are 162 games to be played, right?  

Everyone's got a REALLY short fuse because of last year's debacle.  I get that.  I'm not feeling particularly generous myself.  But how in the name of balls and strikes do you expect to make it through this season if you're tapped out already?  That's what I love about baseball, it's a LOT of games, a long season.  You can expect to watch a game on a near daily basis.  Off days often irk me.  Where's my Tiger fix?

So, I for one, am going to TRY to kick back and enjoy the season.  Wins, losses, pretty, ugly, all of it.  I am really enjoying Miguel Cabrera, by the way.  But, please, could someone PUH-LEEZ come up with a decent nickname, before I strangle Rod & Mario the next time they call him "Cabby."  Once you've got a good suggestion, stuff FSN's email inbox with it-k?  Overload their server til it crashes repeatedly.  They'll get the message.

OK, I'll grudgingly give Brandon Inge some due also, but it's only the third game in.  I won't issue my apology until he proves himself over the full season.