Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The 2009 Season is Now Officially Underway

I finally saw my first game of the season in person last night.  If May had arrived before I made it to a game, I would  have had to shut down my blog and turn in my Tiger fan card.   Hey, I heard you say that you wish that had happened.  No one forces you to read this swill, you know.

Well, young Mr. Verlander turned in a very fine performance indeed.  He struck out nine and walked none over 7 innings before giving way to Bobby Seay in the 8th.   Bobby decided 0.00 is the number for him, so he stranded Justin's two baserunners in short order.

Fernando Rodney.  The man who loves to induce indigestion among Tiger fans everywhere.  He wanted to see if you could turn a non-save situation into an old fashioned nail-biter.  He succeeded in that quest in no uncertain terms.  Rodney's actually been pretty good this year, IMO.  There are some very frustrating moments, to be sure.  For example, on Sunday, he got Aviles down 0-2.  Unfortunately, I prophesied the home run ball he gave up next.  Sorry.  It's just that I've seem him do that too many times.  He has a guy looking like he's on the ropes, swinging harmlessly at stuff--and then gives up the long ball.  Oh well, he did get the job done both Sunday and last night.  Let's focus on that, why don't we?

Last night's game was very, very good.   The weather was just about perfect, with the rain holding off entirely.   The company was excellent--thanks for indulging me, guys.  The game was a well-played win over the dreaded Yanks.  Hmm, doesn't get much better than that.  Here's to a few more nights like that one this year.

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