Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feel Free to Squeeze with Santiago

Jim Leyland puts on the squeeze play twice in a series, and they both work?   We've all heard how much Jim loathes the squeeze, and I don't really blame him.  I'd be so nervous putting it on I might need to invest in some discreet protection products.  Both times Santiago was the one bunting--wonder whether he was nervous too?  Today, Inge got a great jump, or the play would have resulted in Jim Leyland downloading "My Way" to his i-Pod (regrets, I've had a few).  Exciting stuff for those not on the block when things go bad.

Santiago generally makes the most of his playing time, and boy has he done that so far this year.  Again, we (at least Blake, Kurt and I) find ourselves wondering, why is it he has not been given a shot to play more?  What possible reason can Leyland or Dave Dombrowski give if they don't?  I'm stymied.  

Anyway, the youngest player in MLB pitched quite well today, I guess.  I recorded the game, turned on the TV to watch it, happened to have the channel on FSN, and tragically saw the last play of the game along with the final score by mistake.   Idiot!  I watched a few little bits, but the game was spoiled for me.   Happy with the final result though.  Surprising how difficult it can be to not find out the result of a game you've recorded for later viewing.   I've had a few mishaps already this year, most notably when my folks come into town, and I warn them not to say anything if they know what happened with today's game, and my dad replies "we already know they won."   Well all right!

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Anonymous said...

Haha, I have done that same thing with games before. You want to watch the whole thing and you're getting settled in to watch it and something like that happens. Bummer.