Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brandon Inge--Revamped or Just Reunited WIth His One True Love?

Both the Detroit News (Lynn Henning) and Free Press (Jon Paul Morosi) have lengthy articles today about Brandon Inge.  Inge is self-proclaiming himself "revamped," boasting 20 new pounds of muscle, with a yet again reworked swing.  Forgive me if I take the wait and see approach to all this.   I mean, last year, he supposedly developed a more "athletic" stance, and ta da--worst season ever at the plate.  Now he's suddenly hearing and taking seriously Lloyd McClendon's counsel  ('cuz he's back at his beloved third base).  Formerly so petulant--now a hard-working model citizen.  Geez, that's easy when you've just gotten  your way, and been handed a spot that you really did not earn.  Especially when I remember a quote from Leyland about the person who's playing the best getting the position, regardless of names/contracts.   That went out the window in a hurry, since Inge got the job before the wreck of last season was even complete.  

I hope I'm not getting overly malignant here, but this whole thing just reeks--a rotten, filthy stank.

Dave Dombrowski puts his arm around Inge (oops I guess he just tapped him on the shoulder, or gestured in his direction) and says "This guy is going to have a good year for us."????  What kind of propaganda machine have the Tigers become, and who do they think we are--mindless dolts with no memory?

Now, I will concede the following without so much as a whimper:

Inge has superior defense, and we suffered there last year.
Brandon is indeed a model citizen in the community at large, doing lots of good deeds and all.
He'll take the mic any time for whacked out post-game interviews, answering feeble questions from the FSN crew without so much as a hint of a sneer.
For these things, I give Brandon his due.  

However, I do NOT feel he should be lauded with lengthy articles about the merits of his off-season regimens and diligence.  Let's talk about all that after this season comes to an end (in November-hee hee).  Then, I'll be more than magnanimous to Mr. Inge.  Until then, I won't be partaking of the swill being peddled.

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Jake Lloyd said...

Exactly right, Jen. I'll believe he's a .250 hitter when I see it. Until then, he's a terrible hitter and a great fielder. Combined ... an average player.