Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One Series: Available to Highest Bidder

Ok boys and girls.  I'm not gonna sugar coat this.  We need bragging rights over the Yankees.  I could lie and say that it's only one series early in the season, and we've got to keep it in perspective, the season is marathon, not a sprint, we've got to keep our emotions on an even keel, focus on one game at a time, not get overhyped based on the opponent.....are you buying that line of crap?  I hope not.  Our bullpen took one inning and turned it into a hall of shame moment in baseball history.  I'm so glad that my son had his school play last night so I was spared seeing that live.  With DVR, one can simply fast forward through the scenes of disaster.  Hey, a little head-in-the-sand action spares the sanity.

 I want to win tonight--badly enough that I'm considering a last minute ticket purchase, along with the very unsound idea of taking my 9 year old to the game on a school night.  Even worse, his mind has been poisoned in favor of the Yankees, so I'd be opening myself up to heckling, jeers and being doused with beer.

Adding to the interest of this game is tonight's matchup-Porcello/Chamberlain.   I like RoT's nickname for Porcello--"Little Ricky."  Might I add one adjective more and make it Pretty Little Ricky?

Eat 'em up Tigers, eat 'em up!

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