Thursday, April 2, 2009

Right is Right?

What to make of our all righty rotation, that is the question.  It couldn't be helped, what with Dontrelle Willis' trip to the DL, and Nate Robertson's inability to grab ahold of a spot, but it ain't exactly ideal.  I agree that the best five should make the rotation--notwithstanding contracts and handedness.  Still, let's look at a few of the AL Central lefty bats we'll be facing on a regular basis--and this is not everyone.


Martinez (S)
Hafner (who has had his struggles this spring, but may just be working out timing)


M & M boys
and a whole host of switch hitters

Thome and Sizemore and Morneau, oh my.  I've got a message in to the Wizard of Oz asking for a left-handed starter.

On a side note, I'm all aflutter, because I'm going to see Porcello's CoPa debut in person on April 14.  Whoo hoo!


looper said...

I like Porcello...and I hope he kicks-ass....but, hey, I liked Andrew Miller too.
I think Robertson and Zumaya are write-offs...I doubt they'll regain their old form with the Tigers.
I truly believe that Verlander will regain his winning ways and if Bonderman can learn to settle down in the early innings...he could still be one of the best pitchers in the AL.
I like your blog...if you look at mine...I'm NOT sexist...I just LOVE BASEBALL & HOT CHICKS...
By the way...I started going to ballgames in 1968 at Tiger Stadium...and they won it all that year too!

OldEnglish said...

I can't believe Robertson was belly-aching about not being named a starter--and possibly demanding to be traded--with his overblown salary and (lack of) production? He'd better just put his nose to the grindstone and be thankful DD gave him a big fat contract.