Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going To Kansas City, Kansas City Here We Come

Rick Porcello is learning on the job.  He's brilliant at times, and at other moments folks are putting the ball out of the park.  That's ok.  We've got to let him grow at a natural pace, however much we want/need to win ball games.  I'm not going to scapegoat Porcello, that's for sure.  I had a bad feeling about tonight's game after learning that last night's game was not a day game on a travel day from Pacific time to Central time (and on whom in MLB scheduling can I practice some of those "enhanced interrogation techniques" we've been hearing about)?  The team plane wasn't due to touch down in KC until around 4:30 am, so um, that's not good for the internal body clock.  I know that Porcello travelled ahead of the club, so he for one, did get a decent night's sleep, but when the rest of team is all bleary-eyed, using caffeine and who knows what else as a crutch to stay awake, it's not necessarily going to be pretty.

Once again, my DVR efforts went awry.  I was doing other things, saving the game for later, while my husband was watching the NBA playoffs.  In glancing at the basketball game, I saw the *&@#! bottom line thing, and the Royals/Tigers score flashed by (5-1 at that point).   I stomped out of the room in anger, with my husband calling after me that it wasn't his fault.  I conceded this point with as much equanimity as I could muster.  That is IT, I will have to start watching games live, or just pick them up in progress.  I've utterly failed in attempts to record and watch games later.  It's a shame that I'm not able to take advantage of the technological wonder of DVR, but I'm just going to accept it.

Greinke was absolutely dealing--with Tiger after Tiger hacking away like Charles Barkley swinging at a golf ball--striking out the side in the 8th in spectacular jaw-dropping fashion (and making my stomach churn in the process).  Yeah, it's so worth staying up until 1 am to watch this, oh is it ever.  It'll be a long time before I'll be able to fall asleep after this waking nightmare--expected or not.   Like Gary Sheffield after a HBP, I vow revenge on Greinke for embarrassing my club this way.   If anyone wants to know where to find me, I'll be lurking around Kauffman Stadium awaiting the perfect opportunity.

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