Sunday, April 5, 2009

Live in the Now

I don't want to be accused of wallowing in the past, reliving past victories, ignoring the here and now, which is Opening Day tomorrow!  However, I have to mention that over at, Steve Kornacki has a cool little "Where Is He Now" piece about Guillermo Hernandez.  He of the 1984 World Series Champion Tigers.  He of 1984 Cy Young and MVP fame.  It's nice to catch up with our one-time closer, who says he regularly went three innings for a save, and his arm never got tired.  On the contrary, he said it got even better as we went along, and "Sparky knew that."  He also still keeps up with the Tigers, and encourages this year's team to go out and get it.  Sadly, his health is not the best, though he's only 54 years old.  There's a companion piece about the Hernandez and the '84 season, also penned by Kornacki.  You've got to read it, because there's quite the anecdote about Hernandez choking on his wad of tobacco as he got mobbed after the final World Series out.

Anyway, enough of the past, and on to the future.  Opening Day arrives tomorrow.  Prognosticators are not generally looking kindly on our Tigers, and it's understandable.  There are quite a few question marks, mostly surrounding our pitching staff.  I'm right with everyone, wondering how the hurlers will perform, but I can't help but be optimistic when it comes to the wearers of the Old English D.  It's a new season, and we've improved our defense.  We've got a good lineup.  Soon, very soon, I'll be at the ballpark.  Bring on the 2009 season.  I'm tired of thinking about it, analyzing it, writing about it.  I'm ready for it to commence.  Will anyone else have a hard time getting to sleep tonight?

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