Monday, April 20, 2009

Former TIgers On Parade

In the gaping absence of Tiger baseball (again) today (because, yeah you need an off day to travel from Seattle to LA), I tuned in to the Marlins/Pirates game.  Lo and behold, Andrew Miller was on the hill, and Craig Monroe was coming up to bat.  Monroe grounded out harmlessly, and Miller got out of the first after allowing one run. 

The announcer was describing Miller's stellar college career, and then mentioned that Miller came to Florida in the "Dontrelle Willis" trade.   Really?   Not the Miguel Cabrera trade?  Not the Cabrera/Willis trade?   I waited, but there was no mention of our nickname-less hero, nor any snickering afterward to betray any intended sarcasm.  Either the guy was totally deadpan in his joke, or...

There were 17 people in the stands at PNC Park.  I mean, even directly behind the plate, there was noone.  It was such a pitiful sight to see baseball being played in such desolation.   I wanted to board the next plane to Pittsburgh with a whole gang of baseball-crazed fans to people the stands for tomorrow's game.

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Kurt said...

then they switched to the Astros game and we see a smiley Pudge. Not a bad evening of baseball from that standpoint.