Friday, April 10, 2009

One for the Ages

I'm insanely tired right now after 7 hours of painting, so this post will be total rubbish, but I could not go to sleep without basking in the glory of today's home opener.  Now that's Opening Day!  That's how you go out there and pay tribute to the great George Kell.  That's how you begin to dispel the illusion that 2009 is 2008 all over again.  That's how you put a charge into a disgruntled, jaded fan base.

I was not there, having a half day of work and the aforementioned sadistic painting marathon to contend with, but I watched the game at home with Rod and Mario.  I hope some of you were there to experience today's offensive fireworks, paired with a truly fine performance by Armando Gallaraga.  If you took part in the festival of Tigers, please tell us all about it.

Miguel Cabrera owns this town right now.  I hope he doesn't mind mobs of teary-eyed fans barreling toward him, jumping into his arms, and suffocating him in the clutches of gratitude.  I mean, this guy actually has the stuff to sustain what he's doing (unlike, oh I don't know, Brandon Inge, who isn't going to hit three home runs every five games).   Ok, maybe Cabrera won't sport a .700 batting average with six RBIs in every game, but you know what I mean.

I think his nickname should be the Spanish term for "The Crusher."  Self explanatory.

Sleep well happy Tiger fans, sleep well.

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