Thursday, April 16, 2009

Off Day Musings

I don't like these early off days.  My thirst for Tiger baseball is insatiable.  The season just got started.  Sorry to have such a selfish point of view.

A couple minor points I'd like to bring up.  Our lower part of the order and bench/utility guys are making valuable contributions thus far.  Nice--I like that.  It's a good sign, IMO.  We won't have to rely on the big boys doing it all every day.  I LOVE that we're moving runners up so much better than last year.  Laird really impresses on the base paths for someone who doesn't look that fast.  Josh Anderson practices the art of bunting like a fiend, and executes it pretty well too.

Here's an amusing little anecdote for you.  The other day, my son and I were playing catch at the park.  Just tossing the ball back and forth--nothing too serious, since I am athletically challenged and all.  Anyway, one of his throws caroms off my glove and hits me smack in the middle of the forehead.  He rushes over and apologizes like crazy.  I tell him it's all part of playing ball.  I wasn't too worried--it hurt, but it wasn't like a line drive off a bat, or a 97 mph Ryan Perry fastball, you know?  I wasn't seeing stars or anything.  I shook it off and we kept playing.  I wondered whether I'd have a nice goose egg out of it.  When we got home I checked, and sure enough, there was quite a lump, but more robin-egg sized.  I wore it like a badge of honor.  I felt just like Drew Barrymore in Fever Pitch.  This shows you how very little sports I've played in my lifetime.   Anyway, I feel really bad for someone who really gets smoked by a hard hit ball, because it's still really sore three days later.  It's easy to see how major damage is caused (Juan Encarnacion).

Catch up with you tomorrow night for the Seattle game.


anaaki said...

If someone would of told me two years ago that there would be days in the future when I'm depressed at the lack of baseball... I would of laughed.

I don't know how managed through the off season. Today was depressing.

And trying being an un-athletic girl who never played a sport and never played catch, playing with her baseball obsessed boyfriend. Who throws hard. And wild. Ugh.

My 10 year old nephew throws harder than me. He hit me in the foot... I put my glove down and give up.

OldEnglish said...

Noone ever taught me anything about playing ball. I throw like a girl. It's pathetic. I need to go to one of those on-field clinics put on by the Tigers.

BTW, love your t-shirt designs.

anaaki said...

Yeah I love making shirts and signs, I hope to make more for on field photo day next month, but we'll see. I saw Rodney in Toronto for opening day, and wore the shirt I made of him, and he threw me a ball.

We should totally get together then and play catch, lol. I'm sure it'd be the most hilarious and sad thing to watch.

Are you in the Detroit area? I'm in Grand Rapids.

OldEnglish said...

That would be truly priceless video. At least we could practice without feeling so self-conscious. I'm in Ypsi--within striking distance of the CoPa.