Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Looong Gone!

As I type, I'm watching Gary Sheffield's at bat in an MLB Network live look in at the Brewers/Mets game.  It's 4-3 Brewers in the 7th, with no outs and nobody on.  Specially hologrammed balls are being used for each of Sheff's at bats, to enable authentication, thereby allowing some lucky fan to cash in on the historic 500 ball (I mean, so the ball can be donated by some benevolent lover of baseball to the Hall of Fame).   On a 2-2 count, Sheff rips two balls foul , then takes ball three, a close one just outside.   He then fouls one back, and then jacks 500 wearing number 10, his first hit as a Met, gets an ovation from his new teammates, followed by hugs and high fives, and a warm welcome from his manager Jerry Manuel.  Adding to the drama is the fact that the home run ties the game 4-4.

Now I made no bones about the fact that I'd wished Sheff would've hit 500 in the last game of season last year.  He got an extra at bat after Magglio tied the ballgame in the 9th, but no it was not to be.  My hopes for him hitting that dinger were not strictly unselfish.  I thought perhaps if he hit it, he'd retire on top of the world and free up $14 million off our salary for 2009.  Not to mention the fact that I was at the game, and it would be really exciting to be there for such a milestone.

I'm happy for Gary, and hope he enjoys all that goes along with such a crowning achievement.  If there are any shadows of such things as PEDs, well, Gary must learn to live in their shade.  If experience tells me anything, Sheff can talk himself and anyone who will listen into believing that the cream and clear were simply liniments applied like so much Icy-Hot.

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