Saturday, December 6, 2008

Visions of Shortstops, Catchers & Pitchers Dance in Our Heads

Tomorrow is the eve of baseball's Winter Meetings.  You can bet we Tiger fans have a lot on our wish lists.  Problem is, there isn't a high probability we'll get what we want, unless we've filled our lists with miniscule to modest requests.  That would include people like Adam Everett.  Sure, that wish could easily be fulfilled, but I'm sorry, I don't think he's on anyone's list.  We'd like his defense, yes, but his offense, um, could be worse, yes worse, than our own Brandon Inge's.  I was also trying to draw a bead on his baserunning.  Baseball Prospectus has his speed listed at nearly 80%, meaning it's better than almost 80% of other MLB players.  That hasn't translated into a lot of stolen bases, however.  He had zero attempts in last year's injury shortened season, and his high before that was 21 of 28 in 2005 with Houston (4 of 6 in 2007, 9 of 15 in 2006).  Not exactly tearing up the base paths, but I don't know Houston's running game, so someone feel free to jump in on that one.  In my mind, if we're going to sacrifice offense altogether, which it pretty much looks like we are (understandably for budget constraints), then we should focus on getting both defense and speed (I'm still riding my self-created Cesar Izturis train on this one).  Apparently, that's asking for a little too much.

Wouldn't it be nice, though, if at least one big wish were granted?   That would be Kerry Wood, who is now rather shockingly on our radar.   This is no time to question our belief in Dave Dombrowski, people.  Put the plate of cookies out tomorrow night, even if you've been doubting DD.

Then there's Gerald Laird, who would probably be just servicable for our short-term needs, but the question remains at what cost.  One report had us giving up "one of our top pitching prospects."  Uh, I'm feeling Jurrjens-y, with a touch of Smoltz-itis  here.  Scary--scary to think about. 

Anyway, a merry Winter Meetings to all and to all a good night.