Friday, December 19, 2008

Tempering the Rants

Looking back at my last post, I think it may have been just a wee smidge over the top.  That's OK though, I can qualify all my remarks in another post, thereby attempting to undo the damage, and salvage my three loyal readers (even that may be generous).

In reality, I am happy that we've shored up our defense--it was sorely needed.  It's just the gaping 7-8-9 hole in our lineup that's a little disconcerting at times.  I mean, I know our top end is pretty well stacked, but we endured some curious dry spells last year, even with that stack, you know?  Remember all the shutouts, and how we surpassed our 2007 season shutouts total after the first month of the season? (possible slight exaggeration)

Also, Dusty Ryan, while performing well in limited big league time last year, will benefit greatly by getting some serious reps in at the minor league level.  By the way, Dusty's playing in the Liga de Beisbol Profesional de Puerto Rico, for the Leones de Ponce, and is struggling a little at the plate in 49 at bats over 15 games, .163 AVG, .268 OBP, .286 SLG, .554 OPS.   I did not see any defensive stats listed, so...that part's a mystery.

Adam Everett should bring some base-running pizazz and stellar defense, even though he arrives without a bat.

So, ok, it's not a total nightmare, but I'm getting a little jittery about our pen.  We do need someone.  I mean, I'd be so thrilled if Rodney and Zumaya outperform all expectation, but we can't sit here and rely on that to happen, you know?   DD's scaring me with all this talk like we might do nothing at that spot.  I hope that's all smoke and mirrors, I really do.  My stocking is all ready for the closer present on Christmas morning.  That's what DD's holding out for--he wants to make it special.   That's what it is, I've got it all figured out now.


Anonymous said...

I have to be honest, the Tigers have taken some big steps.

Larid - great sign. Everett - great sign. Treanor - great sign.

The jury is still out on Jackson, but you never know. The bullpen is definitely a huge concern. I am still holding out a sliver of hope for Beimel/Smoltz/Cordero/Turnbow or someone who can make an impact.


Rogo said...

Maybe Kyle Bloom's supposed to be our closer...