Monday, December 1, 2008

Ryan Perry, I Hardly Know Ye

In a comment to one of my recent posts, Sean over at Trumbull and Michigan mentioned what a tandem a healthy Zumaya and Ryan Perry might make.  I was aghast at my meager stock of knowledge about Ryan Perry.  I decided I needed a quick primer, and I'll share a brief bio here.  I don't have a subscription to any premium content, so I'll rely on one of my fellow bloggers to flesh this out.  Thanks to Sean for shining a light on my ignorance, and for not minding me posting a follow up to his comment.

Ryan Perry is a closer/relief prospect who's draft report says could also be a starter.  He was drafted by the Tigers in the first round, the 21st overall pick out of the University of Arizona. where he's currently a junior.  Perry's a righty, 6'4" tall, 200 lbs.  He's bespectacled too--not that it's relevant, just wanted to say bespectacled.  He was born on February 13, 1987, which means I'm technically old enough to be his mother, although I would've been a teenage pregnancy statistic in that case.

Perry's fastball is good, running between 96-98 in relief, with good sink when it's down, again according to the draft report.  Trouble is he's prone to leaving pitches up in the zone, and for that reason has been hittable.  A pretty good changeup is also in his arsenal.  His slider is inconsistent at this point.  You can see video of him on  and on YouTube. 

Feel free to add more info to this mini-bio.

Also, it was strange to be away from a computer and the Tigers for all of five full days.  Luckily it was a slow time, or it would've taken me a long time to catch up, and I might've started hyper-ventilating had I missed something big.   I had a blast with my nieces and nephews, and playing Scrabble and poker with the adults, so it was well worth the risk.

Let the count-down to Winter Meetings begin!

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