Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Grinch Has Been Here

He's taken away packages, boxes and bows, he even took the tree, and Wood and CC!  I thought his heart grew three sizes?  Something's caused it to shrink back down, because he's downright nasty right now.

Actually, only Kerry Wood has been semi-offically taken away from the Tigers, but I'm still grousing over CC Sabathia signing with the Yankees.  I would have been very gracious to see him sign with the Dodgers or Milwaukee, but the Stankees?  I thought you wanted to go home to Cali, CC?  What's ten million dollars one way or another?  The rest of the country is in the toilet, yet you're signing the biggest deal ever for a pitcher.  Couldn't you have thrown me a bone and signed with someone other than NY?  Sigh.  Sean over at Trumbull and Michigan has a nice take on CC and the Yanks.

For a laugh, check out the action figure of Justin Verlander at the store.  You could buy me one to enshrine with my ticket stub and score card from the no-hitter!


Anonymous said...

Were you at that game you lucky gal?


OldEnglish said...

Yeah, didn't you read my post on it?! :) I wrote it back in October. It was an amazing feeling to be at that game, a slice of history to be totally corny.