Monday, December 8, 2008

Instant Infield and Closing in on Closer

Holy schnikies, I go to bed early and wake up to find that the Tigers have traded for Gerald Laird, then I go to work, take a walk with my son, pick up dinner, and voila, the Tigers have signed Adam Everett.  I can't wait to see what happens during the 15 minutes I'm gone to drop my son off at school tomorrow morning.  I guess the Tigers wanted to string us along for just about ever, and then blast off into a signing frenzy.

Now they turn their sights to a high profile, urgent need at closer.  And, what do you know, due to our value moves made so far, we've got a little cash to invest.  I like the sound of that (although still feeling a little Smoltzitis--we'll be watching Morosco and Melo's development over the next couple years).  The big present under the tree this year may be Kerry Wood or J.J. Putz.

Can someone please tell me why the sports talk idiots are so far behind the curve on breaking Tigers news?  They intro a piece like it's something brand new, and come to find out the story is about ready to fossilize.  I'm driving home from work today, and the guy's like, breaking news, the Tigers trade for Gerald Laird.  Uh, even I, the latecomer, read that at 7:00 am this morning, geniuses.  Isn't this your job??  Whatever--they're too hung up on Rod Marinelli's latest press conference where he's expressing how much he "believes in what he's doing."  Yeah, that's compelling sports news.  Actually, maybe it is, because the Lions are about to become the first NFL franchise to go 0-16.

I like to see that our defense is improving before our very eyes, but I don't relish the though of our 7-8-9 hole in the lineup.  Let's hope Lloyd McClendon can work some magic in the batting cages during Spring Training.


Ian C. said...

I think you said it. The sports talk stations are totally in football mode right now, and have to talk about Dominic Raiola giving the finger to fans, rather than the baseball team in town doing something to improve itself.

Plus, I'm not sure how many of the local hosts know that much about baseball. Really. Have you listened to Mike Valenti talk baseball?

OldEnglish said...

Too true--I'm giving them up. Besides, half the time, I have to listen to their latest porn obsession.