Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hey, My Present's in Cleveland!

I'm experiencing some rather serious delivery problems.  Last week, UPS misdelivered my package to a neighbor, and now Santa's on his way to Cleveland with my present.

Kerry Wood may soon sign with our divisional rival down the road.   

This is not making me very happy, because now we may have to trade the farm to get JJ Putz.  I'm not comfortable doing that.  It makes me downright queasy, in fact.  I was hoping to avoid all that drama by going the free agent route.  

I'm hoping Santa realizes the mistake before the ink dries, and brings my present back where it belongs.


Jake Lloyd said...

A couple Tigers thoughts, since I'm just getting caught up on all the baseball news:

1. I like the defensive signings at SS and C (and they came relatively cheap), but you're right about the bottom third of the lineup: It'll be brutally weak, which stinks for Granderson when it comes to batting runners in. I don't think Everett's an everyday player; I'd recommend platooning him with Santiago.

2. I know they need bullpen help, but closers seem to be the most overrated players in free agency and trades. More often than not, good closers come out of nowhere and proven ones quickly fall off the summit. I agree that it would have been better to spend $$ on Wood than to trade young players for Putz.

So mark me down as not being in favor of sending both Joyce and Larish to Seattle for Putz. That's giving up too much.

And what's the deal with Zumaya? I haven't heard a whiff about him and his future prospects. Obviously, there are serious issues with him, but isn't there still closer potential?

Anonymous said...

Nothing good can be in Cleveland. I am sure if your present made it there, it probably broke as soon as it hit their part of I-90.


OldEnglish said...

I think right now, the Tigers are gonna have to count anything from Zoom as a bonus. He's just been too injury prone to pencil in right now. I think he'll be fine down the road, but it's too big a risk to lean on him right now for closer. His latest rehab is on schedule from what i've heard tho.