Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No, It's Not a Dream, It's Your Worst Nightmare Come True

I really did try to find some worthy Tigers news before turning to this, but there's not much to be had right now.

The Yankees have now reportedly signed Mark Teixeira to a 8 year, $180 million dollar deal.

I'll pause now for a moment to give you a chance to catch your breath after that swift kick in the chiclets....

Ready for more?  Add Teixeira to the Sabathia and Burnett signings, the Wang resigning, the "inevitable" (and that's a direct headline quote from MLB.com) Pettitte resigning (and could they possibly still pursue Manny Ramirez), and it all adds up to unparallelled carnage in a Tiger fan's mind, heart and soul.

Now, you might say it doesn't always work out to "buy" a championship by cobbling together a team of superstars (see the 2008 Detroit Tigers), and I'd agree, but I'm still hurting inside.  I didn't expect Teixeira to sign with the Nats even after they reportedly upped their offer, but this is unthinkable.  In addition, it's not only sluggers they've got, it's pitching too.

Thankfully, in baseball there are no guarantees, and many things can and do happen in a 162 game season.  The old cliché is really comforting--"that's why they play the games."  It's about all the comfort we've got right now. 

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Jilly-O said...

You never know, maybe injuries will plague the Yanks all of 2009.

Dare we dream?