Thursday, December 4, 2008

All Are Banished, All are Punished

Ok, I was out of town over Thanksgiving, cut off from the Tigers and the Internet.  So, I just now got around to reading Jayson Stark's lengthy Thanksgiving piece on the Tigers.  One comment jumped out at me.  Stark was mentioning our void at catcher, and referred to Pudge as "banished in mid-season."

Excuse me, banished?  If I'm not mistaken, he asked to be traded, because he was all malcontented over not playing every day, and because he "always wanted to play for the Yankees."  Now maybe it was just a casual way of putting it, but I take umbrage to Stark saying the Tigers banished Pudge.  Quite the contrary.

I guess it's just my "hell hath no fury like a Tigers fan scorned," but I was a little offended that Pudge wanted to high-tail it out of here.  I guess it just plays into my feeling that he really only came here for the big payday, and I didn't forget what a clubhouse cancer he was in 2005 (I know, we stunk and he was getting a divorce, cry me a river.)  I mean, it's not like he's gonna go into the Hall as a Tiger, you know?  I still give him mad props for all he did here, for his career as a whole, and I despised the deal that sent him to the Yanks.  I can't even say the other player's name without fighting the gag reflex.  No sour grapes, but look how well it worked out for him there.   Funny how the "dream team" NY doesn't suit everyone, huh?

Anyway, we're without a catcher, he's without a team.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I had mixed feeling about the whole thing.

Yeah, he was acting like a 5 year old this year, but the team was drastically underperforming, and deep down I think Pudge wants to win more than anything. He wanted to contribute. He wanted to play.

He batted leadoff when we needed him to. He played first, second, hit all over the lineup - he did what was needed.

Understandably he was miffed. And to give him the unceremonial big sendoff for Ky...

Im trying.

...Kyleeeee Farnn-n-n-ssssworrrrth.

The whole thing left me sick.