Thursday, December 11, 2008

Flaking Out

I hate to bring anything personal into this blog, and I really hate to flake out at such a critical juncture in the off-season, but I'm hosting a Christmas party on Saturday.  I'm more than a little behind on such things as cooking, baking, cleaning and decorating.  So....I won't be posting much here until Sunday when the tinsel settles.

I must make a quick comment on the most recent of Tiger moves.


I'm not happy to lose the services of young Mr. Joyce.   I think we'll be regretting swapping him away.  I don't know, maybe Clete Thomas will be great this year, but.....

I don't know a lot about Edwin Jackson, but several other bloggers have put up some good info, so see the blog links over at the right.

Enjoy the last of the Winter Meetings, y'all, and here's hoping we sign that closer--Brian Fuentes???  Don't you feel comfortable with DD saying we do have Rodney who could close?   I don't hate on Rodney as badly as most people do, but he's been injury-plagued and then had some spectacular implosions last year, so....

I'll just trail off into the snowflakes until Sunday.

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