Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Feeling a Little Let Down?

I think we're all a little underwhelmed with the Tigers' off-season moves thus far.

Now we're on the verge of signing catcher Matt Treanor.  No offense Matt, but whoop-de-doo!

Geez, I can only hope that this means we're going to actually bust open the piggy bank eventually and spend it on a closer.  Sadly, that does not appear to be the case.

I know, the free agent market is slow, what with the economic woes of the country and all.  So, we're probably going to wait it out and see who we can get on the cheap.  Once again, majorly underwhelming!

In further non-news, Carlos Guillen has not yet played in the Venezuelan Winter League, does not yet have a number, and is listed as an infielder.  I sincerely hope that if he does see any time there, it's as an OUTFIELDER!

Despite all this disappointment and inaction, TigerFest sold out in three days.  I've never been to TigerFest, but I bought a ticket for me and my son.  I'm not into the autograph scene, but would like to tour the clubhouse.  I hope it's not sub-zero that day.  I've been to the Tigers' Winter Caravan at Eastern Michigan University, and let's just say I had a not so minor disappointment occur there.  Last year, Carlos Guillen and Magglio Ordóñez were supposed to be at the EMU caravan stop.  I bought a $50 ticket to the VIP meet and greet, and guess what, neither of them showed.  I got to meet Dontrelle Willis, Vance Wilson, DD, Rod Impemba, and Rick Porcello.  Again, no offense, but I'm going to have to give another big whoop-de-doo on that one.  I swallowed my bitter pill, but two little boys were all like, "where are carlos and magglio" to DD, and he didn't even apologize that they bailed, but just said, "this is everyone who's going to be here tonight."  Gimme a break.  TigerFest and the Winter Caravan last all of three days, and the players can't commit to three days for the fans?  We do pay their salaries, you know!

I will stop ranting now, but I must say it is so therapeutic to get all my angst out here in my blog.  I get it all out of my system, and can move on and treat my fellow man on the street well, instead of acting like a deranged, disgruntled lunatic!  Thanks for listening.

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