Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tigers Stand at 6-3 in Divisional Tussle

Remember when I said we needed to win this 13 game stretch against divisional opponents?  So far, pretty good.   We're 6-3, and it was especially gratifying to complete a sweep of the Tribe today, regardless of the fact that they've been playing poorly.

Although Pretty Little Ricky didn't have his best control today, I liked how he got some big outs when he needed them, and gritted it out to complete five innings.  Our pen needed some work anyway (glass half full).

Fernando Rodney shows us again that he only wants to be used in save situations.  These non-savers are clearly not for him.  The mental edge is not present in a 5-1 game.  He works to simulate a save situation.  That's why he gave up two runs, so he'd feel like he could be in "closer" mode (even though a non-save situation does not convert into a save situation when the lead drops to three runs or less.)  Thanks to Blake of The Spot Starters for confirming that little fact for me a few weeks ago. 

Now, off day tomorrow as the club travels to the Twin Cities for the finale of this little intra-divisional skirmish.  I like being in first place--even if it is shared with the Royals (technically we are four hundredths ahead of them).

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