Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Night Madness

I will “gracing” the CoPa with my presence at tonight’s game—ha ha.  I hope I don’t bring a hex with me as I just found out my son’s baseball team is the Twins.  I must admit that I do like the TC logo on the caps.  It’s 80s night at the ballpark tonight (groan).  I’m not too into the hokey themed nights like Country Night, etc.  Absurdly, I go to the park to watch the ballgame being played.  It’s also a promotional night in which the first 10,000 fans receive a Jack Morris replica jersey/t-shirt.  Is jersey/t-shirt an oxymoron?  I never make it the park that early, so I’m sure I won’t get one anyway.  The weather is expected to be picture-perfect, so play ball!

I’m looking forward to my first live look at Mr. Jackson.  While scrutinized at the time (by myself and a lot of others), the trade is turning out well for us so far.  I still believe Matt Joyce will be a quality player, and I’m interested in his career/progress.  But, it turns out we really needed another starter, what our left-handers’ pitching skills going AWOL and Jeremy Bonderman’s extended rehab.

Last year, I somehow made it into two video highlights due to the Puma hitting opposite field home runs right into my section.  My son said he hopes I get into another one this year.  I tried to explain how unlikely that is, but hey Miggy, if you wanna jack one into my row, have at it!  However, everyone made a lot of fun of me in those clips, so maybe I should lay low.  I’m starting to feel like Kathy Lee Gifford with all these mentions of my son, so I’m gonna try to limit that.  No sense in alienating and annoying your readers.

See you at the park tonight!

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