Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh Very Young

What will you leave us this time? --Cat Stevens

Well, very young Porcello will leave us with the satisfaction that he's the first rookie aged 20 or younger to win five straight games since the phenom Doc Gooden did it in 1984 (and 1985).  It's just the Sanders fudge atop vanilla ice cream to see him doing so well, developing his breaking ball and change-up, maintaining remarkable poise even after giving up the home run ball.  He can't celebrate with a beer jut yet, but this boy will be clinking glasses of high-octane Mountain Dew after tonight's little piece of history.

Once again, I understand that Rodney needed work, but will they never learn that a non-save situation for Fernando equals horror show?  I suppose the margin was wide enough to support a Rodney appearance in the non-save situation, but it makes for a grisly ninth inning.  And the funny thing is I'm a pretty big Rodney supporter.  I can't imagine how the haters feel.

First place is one nice place to be.  Here's to the Tigers still being in first place when it counts.


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