Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Running Up the Score

Let me start by saying there's no such thing as running up the score in the pros.  In the pros, you're entitled to score as many runs/points/baskets, etc. as you wish, and the opposing team has no right to whine.   There's no crying in baseball.  Bill Belichek is well known (well loathed) for running up the score, but you can't really get mad at him for that.  There are plenty of other reasons to heap coals of hatred on his head.

Having said that, I was just a smidge surprised when the Royals, during the bottom of the 8th inning of Tuesday's game, ahead 5-1, inserted a pinch runner for Mike Jacobs after he hit a double.  The reason for my surprise was this:  Greinke was on the hill.   You're not comfortable with a four run lead with Greinke on the mound?   Really?  Remember, his ERA is still sub one.  Remember, his only loss of the season came in a 1-0 duel.  Remember, he hasn't surrendered any home runs this season.

It wasn't that I was upset they were trying to add on, but like I said, a little caught off guard.  Actually, though, since the Royals don't have the most potent offense, they're probably always in manufacture mode as far as runs are concerned.

Update re:  crying in baseball.  Rod and Mario were just describing how Willie Horton and Todd Jones were crying in the clubhouse when the Tigers clinched a playoff berth in 2006 in Kansas City.  But see, those were tears of joy.  That's a whole different thing, you know.

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