Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Greinke, A Greinke, A Fun and a Wonderful Toy

So we got Greinke-d for the second time this year.  At least we can’t say it hasn’t happened to a lot of other teams.  And really, we had our opportunities with some early baserunners, but they got erased by timely (untimely) double plays.


Um, did Edwin Jackson skip out on PFP this spring?  Errant throws by pitchers that remind us of the 2006 World Series are not permitted.


It’s a good thing the “Who’s Your Tiger” campaign has come to an end, because no one would have Brandon Lyon as their Tiger, and this would give him quite a complex.  I’m sorry, but when you come into a game and immediately surrender the long ball, it’s just not endearing.


It was nice to see Nate Robertson have a clean outing, even if it was only a third of an inning.  Straight zeros across his line.  Very neat and tidy.


That’s all I got for last night’s game folks.  Let’s just move on--quickly.

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