Sunday, March 8, 2009

Teammates No More

Isn't it fun seeing teammates pitted against each other?  I'm enjoying it to no end.  Last night, Carlos Guillen hit a home run off Jason Grilli (who's playing for team Italy).  Tonight, Curtis Granderson had to step into the batter's box against Armando Gallaraga--Gallaraga won that battle.  Magglio Ordóñez later flied out to deep center--into the glove of Curtis Granderson.  Before the WBC started, I saw an exhibition game between team USA and the Yankees, and Derek Jeter had an RBI off his teammates--I admit that was pretty weird, but very fun, to see the likes of Derek Jeter celebrating at the expense of the Yankees!  I'd like to hear some of the trash talk between teammates who are temporarily on opposing sides.

Where do your WBC loyalties lie?  I had to laugh at Tommy Lasorda's over-the-top nationalistic comments about team USA.  I don't think that many people share his unmitigated loyalty.  I mean, most MLB teams have players scattered all over various WBC teams.  I'm sure many fans are rooting for favorite players to do well, regardless of the WBC team for which they happen to be playing.  How can I not pull for Venezuela, when four prominent Tigers are represented there?  Of course, it's also compelling to see a bunch of MLB all-stars playing together on Team USA's roster.  Granderson's batting 9th tonight for goodness' sake!

Say what you will about the WBC, I'm having a ball.

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