Monday, March 16, 2009

Order Up! Eating My Own Words (sort of)

OK.  I know I very recently raved about the WBC.  In truth, I've really enjoyed watching the Classic, and have not lost my enthusiasm for the event.  However, I'm now a little concerned about the effects participation in the WBC may have on some of our own.

Curtis Granderson is not seeing many ABs in the Classic.  Centerfield has belonged almost exclusively to Shane Victorino.  Now, I was all into Victorino last year during the World Series, but now he's blocking Grandy from getting playing time, which has not been nearly enough, in just about everyone's opinion.  We all know what not having Curtis did to the beginning of our season last year.  Ouch.  

Armando Gallaraga is now approximately two outings behind the other Tigers pitchers.  He's not seeing enough action either.

Carlos Guillen is mostly DHing for Venezuela, not getting reps in his new left-field slot.  It just keeps getting better.

So, although the WBC has my attention and admiration, it also has me squirming a bit.  

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Ian C. said...

I'm kind of shaking my head about this too, as I was originally worried that Curtis would be playing too much in the WBC, and get tired out or injured. So much for that, it appears.

Granderson getting enough at-bats and time in the field, along with Guillen acclimating himself to his new position is definitely a concern right now.