Friday, March 20, 2009

Men Down!

Jason Beck wrote in his blog today that Zach Miner is out of the running for the 5th starter spot in the rotation.

Hmmmmmm--interesting, seeing that Dontrelle Willis finds the strike zone to be an anathema, and Jeremy Bonderman, though on schedule to sort of be ready by the first week of the regular season has thrown all of 28 pitches in total this spring, and Nate Robertson, although performing well his last two outings, is, you know, Nate Robertson, and um, are we going to be handing him the job?  That brings us to Rick Porcello, and does this mean he may be closer than ever to coming up with the big club?  And would that be a good thing, since as Kurt over at Mack Avenue Tigers points out, Bonderman will only be able to last about five innings at first, and Porcello would also be on a strict pitch count?  Let's overtax our bullpen right out of the gate!  Needless to say, this spring's adventures in pitching have induced a whole lot of Maalox chugging for the Tiger faithful.   I just returned from Costco, where I saved loads of cash buying it in bulk--maybe enough to score Opening weekend tickets off Stubhub.

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