Sunday, March 29, 2009

Play Ball?

Well, the starting rotation picture continues to shift and confound.   Jeremy Bonderman showed us today that he is indeed not ready.  At times, he looked good, but he lacks arm strength and control.  I'm not really worried about him, he just needs more time.  It's disappointing that he won't be ready for the beginning of the season, because we need all we can get.  We don't want a repeat of last year now do we?  

Zach Miner, on the other hand, wants to show everybody that he does belong in the rotation after all.  He looked pretty stinking good, except for that one solo shot.  He worked all his pitches at a good pace, changing eye levels, and speeds.

Due to my botched DVR job, I didn't see Rapada's or Bonine's work.

Perhaps the latest twist in the Dontrelle Willis saga may lead us to have hope for his situation.  In a bizarre turn, WIllis has been placed on the DL with an anxiety disorder.  I had no idea they could be diagnosed with a blood test now, but I think this may be good news for Willis and the Tigers.  He may be able to come out of the tailspin he's been in.

Sadly, we endured yet another injury in today's game, as Santiago left the game after legging out an infield single, and then tripping over the first baseman's foot as he got to the bag.  It didn't look too terribly serious, but geez. 

On a final note, Opening Day, Opening Day, Opening Day's only 8 days away! 

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