Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love Letter

This is really mushy, so watch out.  I have a confession of sorts to make.  I relish a good blog post about the Tigers.  So much, in fact, that I go straight to my computer every morning, (in addition to the myriad other times daily).  A good post is like a present, anticipation as to its contents, and utter enjoyment in its reading.  Likewise, a comment on one of my posts is prized.  I really get a kick out of them, you know?  So, ante up, sign up for a Blogger/Google account (I know, it's troublesome), and stop lurking about here.  Leave some salty commentary, argue with me, anything--I lap it all up.


Juskimo said...

I enjoy your work and think it definitely adds something to the Tig-o-Sphere. I don't generally jump in with comments, because I get to watch about 8-10 actual games a year + the ends of about 30 more (I live in Alaska, so all the day games happen while I am still at work and my local team si the Mariners). With that having been said, if you'll appreciate sarcastic, snarky, mildly baseball related comments from time to time, I'm in.

OldEnglish said...

Thanks for taking the trouble to chime in--and I'm so sorry you see so few games--I might go a bit crazy if I found myself in a similar situation. I must haunt the ballpark all summer, you know. As to snarky comments, bring 'em on!