Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just a Word or Two More

I failed to make clear the title of my last post, and think it sounds stupid, so what I meant was that I consider Zach Miner and Dontrelle Willis to be the men down (out of the running for a rotation spot).  

My heart is just cracking into shards for Dontrelle.  He's a likable guy who jumped in feet first to a couple charity engagements moments after hitting the tarmac when he arrived.  How can a pitcher just lose all grip on his game?  It's got my mind very boggled.  I would love to hear some instances (other than Ankiel) of this happening to other guys from some of you historians.

Maybe the D-train could, if he accepted a minor league assignment, go back to his high leg kick, work on that for some time, and do something again someday.  I really hope that's so.  With the modified delivery, his stuff has nothing on it, and he'll just continue to get rocked to oblivion.  I cannot even stand to watch--I caught one inning of his work the other night, and was alternately holding my breath, cringing, and looking away for sobbing out loud.  Plus, he's still so not able to locate the vicinity of the plate, why not go back to what he's done for years?  It's beyond late for them to be shuffling so much with mechanics, so it'll be the minor leagues or bye bye for Dontrelle, I would think.  

Makes me feel very, very bad.

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Rogo said...

Mark Wohlers was the Braves closer in the 90's. One day, he just lost it, couldn't find the plate, and disappeared.

It's weird, but it happens. I'm rooting for Dontrelle.