Friday, June 19, 2009

The Tigers/Brewers Rivalry

You may be laughing out loud at the notion of a Tigers/Brewers rivalry. But hold that thought a moment. There is such a thing. It exists among persons who are from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Remember that Milwaukee used to be an American League team, and further recall that up until 1993, the Tigers and Brewers were both in the AL East. Now that fact, along with geography, combine to juxtapose the Tigers and Brewers in the minds of baseball fans in Northern Michigan, to the extent that a person cannot be a fan of both. It's important to choose sides, because there is no middle ground.

I grew up despising the Brewers, that dump County Stadium, and loving to hate players like Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, and most especially Rob Deer. (Imagine my consternation when he briefly wore the Old English D.) I loved my 80s Tigers Kirk Gibson, Tram, Whitaker, Chet Lemon, Darrell Evans, Lance Parish, Tommy Brookens--the whole crew. I still enjoy talking some smack with hometown Brewers fans, even if it is impossible to understand how someone in his/her right mind would choose the Brewers over the Tigers.

So, while you may think of this as just another interleague matchup of no particular significance, I'll be at the game tonight, thinking of those bygone school days. Days filled with arguing the merits of the Tigers over the Brew Crew. Good times, good times.


micah said...

yep, exactly — i'm a yooper, and we have a split between tigers and brew crew fans. (mostly tigers, though.) when the brewers went to the NL, it did get easier though. well, for most people: my dad was born in milwaukee, so he likes the brewers, and my grandpa was in the cards farm system before WWII, so there's still some friction. ;)

OldEnglish said...

Did your grandpa's baseball career get derailed by service in WII?

micah said...

yeah, he decided to join he merchant marine. when he got out, he got married and opened a grocery store. he still kept in touch with some of the players he knew, though — he always said stan musial was one of the greatest men who ever met.

thankfully, my grandma is pretty tolerant of his love of baseball. so much so, that she was ok with seeing 8 baseball games on their 7-day honeymoon. ;)

OldEnglish said...

I love that story. Thanks for sharing it. My husband is ok with going to TIger games at the Cell for our anniversary, so I appreciate that tolerance.