Friday, June 12, 2009

Rick Decides Good Pitching Not Enough

The Rookie, in dramatic fashion, decides to add the element of offense to his repertoire, driving in TWO, count them, two runs on two separate at bats, both hits. The young phenom went seven innings tonight--deep considering they've got the kid gauntlets on for the young fella. We're continually reminded by Leyland of the promises he made to DD to protect and watch over Pretty Little Ricky, to make sure his arm is not over-worked, burnt out or otherwise damaged. All of this is good, to be sure. It can get a bit comical and over the top at times, though.

Porcello, during his moments in the dugout when not pitching or hitting, ponders the late offensive slump. He calculates, and determines that if he wants the W today, he's going to have to do more than just pitch well. It's going to take a super-human effort, one that includes hits and RBIs. This is a kid who has never had a major league at bat, people!

What a night for the young whipper-snapper. I don't care that none of this post is original. I don't care that everyone will be lavishing him with the same praise. It's deserved, it's noteworthy, it's Rick Porcello--one man show! Actually Placido Polanco went 4 for 4, Brandon Inge hit a solo shot, and Fernando Rodney looked pretty good getting the save, so there were other contributions.

But this is his night to shine, so burn bright Rick!

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