Saturday, June 6, 2009

Man Up

Edwin  Jackson saw what happened to Justin Verlander last night, and decided he would just go ahead and handle things himself.  The result?   A nine-inning complete game, one run allowed, and 109 pitches.  It was indeed a thing of beauty.  After the nightmare experienced in yesterday's 9th inning, I decided to wash the taste out of my mouth by going to tonight's game too.  

Seeing Jackson strike out the side in the 9th was sweet vengeance.  The crowd was really behind him.  Everyone I could see was on their feet.  He seemed to feed on it.  Many of the pitches in the 9th were 98 MPH.

I can tell you this much, the next time Justin Verlander has pitched a good game, and Leyland tries to take him out, unless he's thrown like 200 pitches, he's gonna say "Skip, I cannot come out of this game."  He'll just refuse to hand over the ball.  I can't say I blame him.  

Once again, the offense just could not get it going, scoring their two runs in the first inning.  Do you realize that after Santiago dropped below .300 tonight, there was noone in the lineup with a batting average over .300? Geez.  Oh, Marcus Thames, please come back and put a charge into these guys tomorrow.   Puh-leeeez.

It was a happy vibe at the park tonight, with the Red Wings score flashing on the Jumbotron periodically, with enthusiastic cheers from the crowd with each goal.

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