Monday, June 1, 2009

Sponsor Your Tiger

Old English D is now the proud sponsor of Magglio Ordóñez' player page at Baseball Reference.

Many bloggers and baseball lovers alike use Baseball Reference all the time for good statistical information.

I encourage you to sponsor a page and support their good work.  Sponsorships vary in price (you guessed it the premier players' sponsorships cost more), but some are as low as $10.  So go out there and sponsor Barbaro Garbey why don't  you?  Baseball Reference will even send you an e-mail alert when a desired page becomes available for sponsorship.

Go Magglio!


Ian C. said...

Great suggestion! I sponsor Tony Phillips's page, but I need to step it up with someone more current.

I noticed Edwin Jackson's page is still without sponsorship...

OldEnglish said...

Can't believe his page is unsponsored after Sunday's gem. It's gotta be the economy. Magglio's page went down to the minimum (for big guns) without being claimed.