Thursday, June 11, 2009

Justin and Edwin Spoil Us Rotten

We are getting spoiled, and you know it.  Complete games are such a rarity these days, at least for Tigers pitching.  We had one all of last year, by none other than JV.  We had one in 2007, yes a dazzling no-no, once again by JV.  Now we've had three this young season, and two in less than a week.  I must admit, I'm enjoying the experience.  Complete games are satisfying on so many levels.  The starting pitcher goes out there for every frame--the whole game is his--no reliance on relievers.  Bullpen gets some rest, and sorely needed it was last night.  Generally, when a pitcher goes the distance, you're seeing a pretty dominant performance.

In the past two cases specifically, the ninth innings have been spectacular beyond expectation.  Edwin strikes out the side by burning it past the batters, and Justin gets Jermaine Dye to fly out, strikes out Jim Thome (after surrendering a home run to him earlier), and then touches 100 to strike out Josh Fields.  There are not enough superlatives to describe the elation.  I'm so sick of getting beat at the Cell, so guaranteeing a series win earns Justin 10,000 bonus points, a new car and a trip to Disneyworld.

Like I said, we're getting spoiled here.  Edwin's on tonight, and I don't want to get greedy, but it's hard not to expect brilliance from these two right about now.  Admit it, you're expecting a minimum of eight out of Jackson tonight, aren't you?   I hope he doesn't feel the weight of these expectations.  Pitching in a pressure-cooker is not what we want for young Edwin.  

I know this much, I'm thoroughly enjoying the pampering provided at the J and E spa.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, we are spoiled aren't we? I fully expected Jackson to go 8 strong last night. Sadly that didn't happen.