Thursday, November 6, 2008

Your 2009 Tiger of the Year - Miguel Cabrera

With the current dearth of baseball news, this item will no doubt be covered ad nauseum.  Even so, I'll add to the fray.

Cabrera was getting reamed early on due to poor defense and his quiet bat.  I'm inclined to give folks a little more time, maybe too much time sometimes (read Sheffield).  Anyway, I thought he came around swimmingly, swatting with more and more authority, and making some nice picks out of the dirt over at first.

One thing that just about drove me to the nearest asylum was Rod and Mario calling him Cabby.  What spawned that hideous corruption, and I hope he told them to cease and desist!  Miggy is much better if you want a nickname, in my humble opinion.  I  mean, I feel broadcasters should always check with the player to see if it's ok (don't forget those blockheads calling Roberto Clemente "Bobby" when he hated it, and Kirk Gibson's maddening overuse of "Higgy.")

It's a nice little piece of "Welcome to the D" hardware for Cabrera, and I think he'll impress us all even more next year, when he's not feeling all the pressure of the new digs, the big contract, and switching positions.


Ian C. said...

Man, I totally agree. If there's one thing Mario and Rod need to work on this off-season, it's coming up with a better nickname for Miguel Cabrera. "Cabby" is totally unacceptable.

Maybe that's something the Tigers blogosphere needs to take on for itself.

OldEnglish said...

Definitely, either that or tell Rod & Mario to call Chris Berman for assistance in developing an appropriate nickname!

Anonymous said...

Ian - good call. I was actually thinking that at times this season. Cabby sounds awful.