Sunday, November 16, 2008

Carlos Guillen a member of team Magallanes?

Carlos Guillen is now listed on the Venezuelan Winter Ball roster for Navegantes del Magallanes.  His position is listed as first base!?   Jason Beck had initially reported in his blog on November 10 that there was a story out in the Venezuelan paper El Universal that Guillen wanted to play winter ball.  I haven't seen any follow up on this, but his name is now listed on the Magallanes roster, but without a jersey number.   He also does not yet have any stats, so it appears he has not yet played.  According to Beck, the story was that Guillen wanted to prepare both for his (yet another) new position with the Tigers in left next year, and for the World Baseball Classic.  Also, Beck said that Dombrowksi hadn't heard from Guillen with a request for approval to play (he would need permission from the Tigers to play).

The Liga Venezuela Beisbol Profesional runs through December 30, so Guillen would be playing for just over a month.  If he's playing at first, this does nothing to help him prepare for next year with the Tigers.  The Tigers do not have control over the position played in a winter ball league, from what I can tell (I read this somewhere, but couldn't put my finger on it now). 

Side note, Freddy Garcia is also on the Magallanes roster, number 60.   No appearances yet as far as I can see.  The Tigers have had no talks at all with Freddy, so I guess they're waiting to see how he does in winter ball.    Other teams have expressed interest according to (none specifically named).  If he does well, I think the Tigers should try to sign him to a reasonable contract.   We've got to get some bargains, and from what we saw of him last year, combined with a good performance in winter ball, I'd say he'd be as a good a gamble as any for the price.

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