Saturday, November 1, 2008

Frenetic Free Agent Forecasting

It's a fun-filled, anxiety-ridden time of year for baseball lovers.  Watching the hot stove, monitoring desirable free agents, trying to protect favorite players from trade via mind control--you know what I'm talking about.

In a piece on, Tim Kurkjian counts down the top ten off-season story lines.  Francisco Rodriguez his the list at number six.  Kurkjian opines that the Mets and Tigers make the most sense, due to their mutual need for help at closer.  He then goes on to say that "it doesn't appear that the Mets are willing to give K-Rod the money and years that he'll be looking for."   He doesn't say word one about what I thought had been overtly iterated by Dombrowski--that the Tigers are equally unwilling to shell out the necessary cash on the free agent market this off-season. 

So I'll go ahead and give the rumor mill a big shove to get it going at warp speed.  Maybe we will be involved in the bidding war on K-Rod!

Really, this is speculation of gargantuan proportions, but it sure piqued my curiosity that Kurkjian didn't say the Tigers weren't interested.

Also, as a side note, and number three on Kurkjian's list, I'm intent on finding out CC Sabathia's new home.  It's hilarity to me that the Yanks are desperate to sign him (and they better well fail, or it'll turn from hilarity to blinding fury), despite the fact that he's indicated his desire to settle on the West coast nearer his California home, and despite his willingness to at least listen to small-market Milwaukee's offer.  My secret wish is that Illich would empty his pockets and sign him, but I know that's only fantasy baseball at its finest.  So, I'll be content to see him sign with anyone but the dreaded Yanks.


Jake Lloyd said...

I don't see the Tigers going out and spending on anyone this offseason after what has happened over the course of a year. C.C. might say NY isn't at the top of his list, but minds tend to change once millions are thrown out there. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Tigers will make a push for K-Rod. Too expensive. Especially with Cordero out there, and word on the street - pun coming up - is that Huston Street is going to be traded. He too seems more plausible.


OldEnglish said...

Agreed and agreed. That's why I was shocked Kurkjian didn't just rule the Tigers out right along with the Mets. CC may have a hard time resisting the amorous advances of the Yankees--stay strong CC, stay strong.

Anonymous said...

I hate the Yankees as much as the next guy and I wouldn't be all that bummed if they got Sabathia. I mean, he's a REALLY BIG guy and if he gets a six or seven year deal, I just don't see how that would end well. Just sayin'.

Also, I think the Tigers should avoid K-Rod like the plague.