Sunday, November 9, 2008

Worse Off than the Tigers?

If you want to feel better about the Tigers, I've got the perfect prescription.  Buy a ticket to a Lions game.  I went today to the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Man, there's not much that's more depressing than four quarters of Lions football.

The bright spot of the game?  Barry Sanders and 0ther Lions past greats were in the house for the all-time team honors as the Lions celebrate their 75th year as a franchise.  Watching Barry come out of the tunnel during half-time was the best moment of the game.  That, and the cotton candy.

The despair is palpable at all times, and the fans left in droves from the third quarter on.  By the time the clock wound down, we were among the dozen or so fans left in the stadium.  Jacksonville lost last week to the Bengals, the sole other team without a win.  Not so today.   We saw a good old-fashioned beat-down.

So, although the Tigers were a giant bust last year, although it was an embarrassment of epic proportions, at least we have talent, and hope for the future.  What do the Lions have?  At least they DON'T have Matt Millen any longer.


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Nnh said...

All I can say is thank god for the NFL Sunday Ticket package on Directv so i can watch real football teams. The Lions have become the joke of the NFL.

Jake Lloyd said...

Glad you at least got to see Barry. Yep, at least there's hope when following the Tigs. Then again, there's not the "they let me down" factor when it comes to the Lions. At least not for me. So I'm never "sad" or "bummed" when they predictably lose.