Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Great Boras Has Spoken

Agent Scott Boras has made an Oz-like declaration that he doesn't believe Magglio Ord├│├▒ez will be traded.  Not sure why he felt the need to make this decree, but make it he did.  Maybe he's just making it known that Ord├│├▒ez does not want to be traded.  Maybe he just likes to hear himself talk importantly on topics of great concern.  We already know of the no-trade clause in Magglio's contract, which for 2008 had made all but 10 teams off limits without approval.  This news was reported by Jon Paul Morosi of the Free Press.  Anyway, it all adds to the drama of Tigers' pending off-season moves.

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Anonymous said...

Scott Boras exemplifies what is wrong with baseball.