Monday, July 27, 2009

We Are Family

What a weekend to have a Family Reunion! It was a blast, but I missed seeing our Tigers pound the Sox three of four. Because I started this blog in September 2008, this is my first summer at it, and boy is it tough to keep up, what with family obligations, summer activities and whatnot. I did see the bottom of the 9th and 10th innings on Saturday, and then made it back for last night's loss. All I can say is domo arigato Tigers, well done, well done!

Carlos Guillen comes back contributing (way beyond my expectations, I'll tell you that much). Problem is, the trade deadline is looming, and can we get enough of a read on him before then? No. We need to add a bat. That much is clear. At least I hope those 2-1 losses piling up had the proper effect on Dave Dombrowski.

Casey Fien made his major league debut with his feet to the fire and responded quite well after falling behind 3-0. If that's not drama enough for you, you don't like baseball at all.

OK, it's the hard hitting Rangers in steamy Arlington next, while the Twinkies and Sox beat up on each other--Go Twins (for now). I've got my son's Twin Cities cap from little league to sport if necessary.

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