Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rock My World

After last night's rotten egg of a game, I wish I had good news for you. Nope. Tonight we're facing the, and I quote here, "rock" of the Rangers' rotation, Scott Feldman. His batting average against is only .228, fourth lowest in the AL. Our own Edwin Jackson is one of three whose is better at .216. At least we can say that.

The way we've been hitting, and the way Feldman's been pitching, it may be another night of beyond brutal baseball viewing. I'll be locking all sharp implements away in case I begin to feel the urge to impale myself.

We do have Justin Verlander on the hill, but if we lose 2-1 again, will he need protection from sharp objects also?

I didn't get to see the skipper's post-game interview last night, but I can only hope that he indicated that he'd be reaming our crew out for its lethargic lackadaisical play last night. Ian Kinsler tagged up from 1st base as he noticed Magglio catching a ball flat footed. That wasn't one of the three, count 'em, three errors we also logged. And may I speak about our at-bats? No, I'll just shut up and hope we can break out some wood tonight.

This team is kind of like a rickety wagon right now. Let's hope it rolls into the playoffs before the wheels come off.

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