Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sand in My Shorts

I was driving home from Warren Dunes on Sunday afternoon, quite literally encrusted with sand, sunburnt and having the worst hair day imaginable. I was happy as could be though, having gotten my Great Lakes fix. I didn't even know the outcome of the Friday and Saturday games. I had made a couple half-hearted attempts to find out, but to no avail. I asked some guys on the beach if they followed baseball, they said yes and I asked whether they knew who won the Tigers/Indians contest on Friday. They all shook their heads negative, and one said he followed the Cubs.

Once in the car, I started scanning stations for the Tigers game, and found one, albeit with a little static. I tuned in just in time to hear Clete Thomas and All-Star Final Vote winner Brandon Inge go yard back to back. Well that was a nice way to find my way back into the Tigersphere. I still got no word about the other games, however. Well, we started piling on the runs after that, and I had to search for stations now and again straining through the static, so everything was very spotty. I did hear Dan and Jim pretty much lambasting the Indians pitching staff. I feel for Eric Wedge, because I don't feel he's really at fault. Early on, decimated by injuries. Now, a bunch of guys are WAY underperforming (Carmona, Perez to name a couple). Finally, after we won, I heard Dan or Jim mention that we took the series. Then I knew we had one won, lost one.

Wow, the Tiger blogosphere was busy producing world class content while I was away. Impressive. Check out the links on the blog roll at right for some great reads.

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