Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home Runs, Hurting and Hannahan

Last night's homerlicious game was, um, interesting. You know the details by now, so I'll spare you a recap.

However, here are a few salient points from section 103.

Magglio Ordóñez hit a grand slam. Don't waste your breath pooh-poohing that home run because it was off a 79 MPH curveball over the heart of the plate. I'm determined to enjoy it, and hope that it breeds confidence (and bat speed).

Franklin Gutierrez slammed into the right field wall on a spectacular attempt--he almost held on to that ball--think about that for a minute after you've watched the replay. He was laying on the ground just to the right of where I was sitting, and it was a scary few minutes there. I didn't even realize that we scored two runs on the play until after Franklin was up and walking back to the dugout with assistance. I was sure they were going to have to call for a cart and stretcher, but he walked away with elbow and knee contusions. I would like to pass on my best wishes for a quick, complete recovery. It was a horrible feeling, seeing his whole body convulse with pain. I don't wish that on anyone, Tiger killers included.

When Rick Porcello struck out a batter, the CoPa scoreboard flashed the phrase "tRICKed out." Good for a sarcastic laugh, I guess, but please, could somebody help them out here with a worthy slogan for Pretty Little Ricky's strikeouts? I and an entire legion of Tigers fans thank you.

Jack Hannahan's first (does it seem possible that he had two in one night, when his season total is now three?) home run of the night came right to my section, and the guy in front of me put his cap up to make a play on the ball. The ball tore the hat out of his hand and carried it three rows back to a guy who came up with the ball. He did the right thing and threw it back. I made the video highlight on Wowee. Yet another opportunity for friends and family to mimic my every move in comic mockery.

Final point. We came up with the win, but not until after Fernando Rodney gave us our usual dose of "I'm perfect in save situations and perfect at making you sick to your stomach while doing it" magic.

Go Tigers!

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