Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Excited that we took the series vs. KC? Yeah!!

Hey, when you've lost the last three series, getting a series win against the local eight year olds is big. Against the Royals? Huge, monumental, season-changing....Ok, I got a wee bit carried away there. But seriously now, beating Greinke is kind of a big deal, especially since we scored all of one run against him in the the past two outings. I'm so happy I don't have to say we got Greinked again. It was getting a little old, ace and All-Star starter status notwithstanding.

So, I was at the game last night, and Verlander had me fretting early over his pitch count and whatnot, but struck out eleven and walked no one. Big boy bats showed up with the home run power---always nice.

I must address the Tiger fans who gave everyone a short leash last night. Magglio had an awful night both at the plate and in the field. Many of those in right field jeered him loudly and lambasted him with rude commentary. Then the natives got restless when Seay, Zumaya and Rodney issued walks. I disapprove of these shenanigans. I get just as disgusted as the next guy over poor play and base on balls from the bullpen staff. However, I will not demoralize my players with derisive, mean-spirited attacks. I realize that people have the right to say what they want, that fans have little patience after last year's debacle, that many feel a guy making $13 million should produce or feel their wrath, but I feel like it just beats a guy down, not encourages him to do better. Maybe I'm too soft, maybe ballplayers need a tough skin and whatnot, but I'm just saying I disagree. There--dismount from soapbox.

Anyway, on to tonight's ballgame. I didn't see Lucas French's debut due to Independence Day festivities, so it was nice to get a look at him last night. He looked pretty good, pretty good indeed. After the game he said he was fighting himself a little early on, but then settled in. He had some good defensive plays behind him to get out of a couple jams.

I have to say that scoring two runs off Greinke in the first felt like a major victory in itself. Then the bullpen came on and closed it out like they're supposed to. So satisfying. It's been a while since the pen looked that solid. It sure helped the old ulcer to heal up a bit before the next gut-busting roller coaster ride.

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