Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Will Lyon Become a Tiger?

According to ESPN.com's MLB Rumors, Brandon Lyon will shortly be meeting with the Tigers, either today or tomorrow, with apparent "mutual interest."

Face it now Tiger faithful, we're not going to sign a top tier, lights out type closer.  Lyon lost the closer's job with the Diamondbacks last year, enduring a terrible second half of the season, to the tune of a post all-star break ERA of 8.46!

We're going to have to hope for come back of the year type performances either by Lyon, Rodney or some other guy, or a break out rookie performance by someone like Casey Fien, or a blossoming performance by Rule 5 pick Kyle Bloom.

Just about our whole stinking pitching staff is a riddled with  "what ifs" and "hopefullys," along with a gamble or two thrown in for good measure.

Here's looking at 2009, Tigers Fans!

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Jake Lloyd said...

Jen, I'm actually optimistic about this guy. Why? Because he reminds me of Jonesy and is unlike Rodney. In short, he doesn't walk many players. He puts the ball over the plate and makes hitters do something with it. I'm not saying he'll have Jones' saves percentage, but I don't he's has bad as that terrible half season he endured.