Friday, January 2, 2009

Tiger Sighting: Carlos Guillen FInally Playing Winter Ball

According to a Free Press report, Carlos Guillen has now played in four games for Navegantes del Magallanes in the Venezuelan Winter League.

He's 5 for 16, with at least one appearance in left field, and at least one at short.  The bad news is he's got two errors in four appearances, a fielding error in left, and a throwing error from short.

Let's hope that's just some rust.   Word is he'll play only a few more games in winter ball.

I really like Carlos Guillen.  He's tougher than nails.  I mean, who plays through tuberculosis?  I'm down for the count with the common cold.  He's out there hacking up a lung, and still taking the field.

Also, he's a quiet leader.  Ever notice his presence in the infield, giving a quick, calming word to pitchers?

Then, he spoke up on some issues.  He confirmed Sheffield's rather caddish comments about MLB controlling Latin players.  I was rather shocked when the MLB uniform police took him to task for having his pockets hanging out, threatening to fine him for every occurrence.  What was that?  Isn't there more pressing baseball business than making sure everyone's pockets are tucked in???  Then, he took on the Venezuelan World Baseball Classic team, nudging officials to get their act together so other Venezuelan nationals would represent the team this year.

I'm hoping he plays well in left until that DH spot opens up, because he's such a quality guy, and his offense is consistently valuable.

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